What is so great about the Carolinas?


Road trips are great fun!  Rent a night in Charleston, SC to break up the long 10 hour drive to Asheville, NC at the Inn at Middleton Place and then tour the old plantation.  I loved the wood lined rooms and the IMG_0338incredible view of the river.  Just watch out for the big spiders making some incredible webs.  At breakfast you must eat cheese grits with butter and have the best coffee in town.

I learned how rice is cultivated and how the plantation owners learned it all from the slaves they stole from South America.  What a terrible tragedy of American history that no one seems to really learn.

Traveling north to Asheville is thrilling as you come upon the first glimpse of a mountain.  Smoky Mountains is what they call them because of the low lying clouds that seep in between each valley.  Lush green trees everywhere!  And be careful of the Elk.  They now roam freely and are protected!  They don’t really fear us and can take over a road.  I had never seen an elk before until I almost ran into one at night, his antlers just inches from the passenger window.

You have to eat at Joey’s pancake house in Maggie Valley but avoid the steakhouse in Waynesville.  I must have gone the night I wasn’t invited and was kind of invisible standing for  more than 10 minutes without a word from the hostess.  I guess she couldn’t figure out what i wanted.

Visit Chimney Rock where the movie The Last Mohicans was filmed.  It’s definitely worth the climb up!  Just bring lots of water.  And eat the broasted chicken down by the lake.  Just remember that in the Carolinas barbecue means pork and does not include chicken or beef.  I learned that they favor boiled peanuts over roasted ones.  These boiled peanuts are addicting and you need lots of napkins to wipe up the salty water that drips off your hands.  Oh so worth the mess!

The best part about the Carolinas is the people!  They are friendly and I just love their accent.

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